Thursday, May 8, 2014

New Chair in Philosophy

The Philosophy Department at Ashland University is pleased to announce that Dr. Louis Mancha has been nominated to be the new Chair of Philosophy.  He has taken the helm as of May 2014.  Dr. Mancha will be replacing Dr. William Vaughan, Chair since 2001.

Dr. Mancha has been a growing influence on campus since coming to Ashland in 2003.  His Ph.D is from Purdue University, and his scholarly work has been in Medieval philosophy and analytic Philosophy of Religion.  He has taught multiple courses in the department curriculum, has significant university committee experience, has steered the undergraduate Philosophy Club for many years, and has anchored the department's growing web presence.  Dr. Mancha was promoted to Associate Professor in 2012, and will have returned from a semester long study-leave.

"I look forward to the challenge of maintaining our department's prominence and stature as one of the primary intellectual forces on the campus," said Dr. Mancha.

Dr. Vaughan leaves behind a rich legacy, despite difficult times in academia.  During his 13 years as chair, the department has witnessed increased faculty, increases in student acceptance rates to major graduate schools, significant curriculum changes, acquisition of the facilities of Bixler Hall, a rise of scholarly production by faculty, and has seen each member of the Philosophy department promoted, tenured, and awarded significant research grants and study leaves.

"Dr. Mancha will bring fresh perspectives and leadership energy for the subject matter of philosophy to face the future. He has the confidence of the faculty and is well-regarded across the university," said Dr. Vaughan.

A change at this time will allow Dr. Vaughan to concentrate greater attention to his administrative role as University Core Director, as well as return to the faculty and his research emphasis in European philosophy.

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