Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Ethics and Population Control

In the Ethics courses at AU, we often discuss the topic of poverty, on both an individual as well as on a global scale.  If you're interested in global issues, here's an interesting talk to think about.

The newest episode of Why? Radio is now available online:

"Are there too many people for our environment?"

Philip Cafaro
Philip Cafaro 


Right now waters are rising around the world, chemicals are seeping into our food and people are going hungry. Right now, wilderness is diminishing and cities are increasing in both size and density. In short we have an overpopulation problem and we have way too many environmental crises and no one seems to know what to do about any of it. On this episode of Why? Philip Cafaro attempts to tackle all of this at once by talking about overpopulation from an environmentalist’s perspective.

You can listen to the discussion and then post your comments at the link above, or email the show at whyradioshow@und.edu.

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