Friday, March 31, 2017

Ashland Science News: Lecture commemorates 50th anniversary of Science a...

Below is a link to the AU Science blog, which discusses the recent lecture by Dr. Allan Brandt, sponsored in part by the Philosophy Department, Philosophy Club, and Phi Sigma Tau!

Ashland Science News: Lecture commemorates 50th anniversary of Science a...: Prof. William Vaughan introducing Dr. Allan Brandt of Harvard University A lecture presented by Dr. Allan M. Brandt,  Kass Profess...

Saturday, March 18, 2017

Material Success!

On Tuesday, February 27, Dr. Kevin Sharpe, Associate Professor of Philosophy and Director of Religious Studies at St. Cloud State University, MN, delivered his talk titled:

“Can a materialist believe in the incarnation?”

The talk was well attended, and Dr. Sharpe skillfully explained the major issues involved in making sense of a materialist view of humanity in conjunction with a Christian picture of the incarnation.

Students and faculty were challenged to evaluate some difficult metaphysical scenarios.  One of the highlights of the afternoon was Dr. Sharpe's challenge to himself, which was to address two of the more complex objections against his view [click link below]:

After the talk, there was a lively and in-depth Q&A session.  All in all, the talk was a success, and gave our students a different way to think about matters concerning the Incarnation.

Thank you again to Dr. Sharpe for his time and commitment!